Easytrak Nexus 2, Model 2692

**Choice of transceivers – directional or hemispherical**

The Nexus 2 is the second generation of Easytrak digital USBL systems designed as a highly advanced positioning and tracking system that is quick to deploy and straightforward to operate.  Featuring AAE Sigma 2 acoustic protocols, the Nexus 2’s digital Spread Spectrum transmissions provide a secure acoustic link with very low susceptibility to interference, enabling precise and reliable positioning over an extended operational range.

Able to determine the positions of up to 16 dynamic subsea targets simultaneously, Nexus 2 is ideal for many deep or shallow water applications where multiple assets are to be tracked.  These operations can include UXO surveys utilising several magnetometers or sidescan sonars, diving operations, and for use at offshore worksites where several vehicles may be in use concurrently. The long range capability and exceptional accuracy specifications make Nexus 2 particularly effective for long layback towed applications

The system features a choice of transceivers – directional or hemispherical  –  and enhancements to the design of the these have helped to create an extremely accurate USBL system, boasting positioning accuracies of up to 0.12% of slant range and a calculated bearing resolution of 0.01 degrees.

Optimum system performance is delivered when used in conjunction with Applied Acoustics’ Sigma 2 enabled transponders, however versatility is assured due to its compatibility with legacy products and transponders from third party manufacturers.

In addition, when coupled with the AAE 1100 beacons, the Nexus 2 provides Multi-Fire functionality, giving positional updates in <3 seconds from an array of 10 beacons. This pairing also supports the  MiQ Data Telemetry function that provides third party data plus position to the surface for a variety of applications.

Embedded as standard within each Nexus 2 system are a comprehensive range of software features and survey tools such as the EchoPLOT geo-referenced graphical overlay function and EasyCal 2 calibration tool with AutoCal Wizard. These features are provided to ensure swift and easy set to work procedures, saving valuable time and project costs.  Remote support software is also embedded giving Applied Acoustics’ Support Team the ability to monitor operations and assist with diagnostics from anywhere in the world, and the Nexus 2 recording/playback function allows tracking missions to be reviewed in any PC with Nexus Demos App installed.

Key Features

  • Bi-directional Sigma 2 spread spectrum acoustics
  • Choice of transceiver - directional or hemispherical, and tilted head option
  • Optimised beacon refresh rate
  • 16 target tracking
  • Geographical navigation overlays
  • EasyCal embedded calibration tool with AutoCal Wizard
  • Multi-Fire common interrogate with MF Series beacons
  • MiQ data telemetry functionality with MF Series beacons
  • Sound velocity profile upload facility