Easytrak Pyxis INS + USBL

Pyxis INS + USBL takes the best of Applied Acoustic Engineering’s USBL technology and combines it with an advanced inertial navigation system (INS) from one of the most respected names in the industry, creating a state of the art, inertially aided Ultra Short Baseline system capable of highly accurate subsea tracking with survey grade performance.
The combination of Sigma 2 acoustic protocols and SBG Systems’ high precision Navsight Apogee Marine INS brings together two leading names in the field of marine technology, resulting in our most accurate and long range positioning system, providing many time, cost and performance benefits to global survey operators.

As a tightly coupled, factory fitted package, Pyxis INS + USBL is a calibration free system able to immediately operate from any vessel as soon as the work site has been reached. Unlike fibre optic gyro’s (FOG), the MEMS based INS does not fall under ITAR regulations, and the range restricted option means the whole system can be shipped unhindered and without export control to almost anywhere in the world.

Although an integrated part of the USBL system, individual INS data output feeds are available allowing real time stabilisation of  secondary systems such as multi-beam echo sounders (MBES), a capability which drastically enhances the value of the Pyxis INS + USBL system as part of an overall survey spread.

Optimum system performance is delivered when used in conjunction with Sigma 2 enabled transponders, in particular the AAE 1100 series beacons, which through the Multi-Fire common interrogate functionality, can give positional updates in <3 seconds from an array of 10 beacons. This pairing also supports the MiQ Data Telemetry function that provides third party data plus position to the surface for a variety of applications.