Beacon Tester/Chargers

Model 3510 PAM Portable

Pam Portable with dunker

The 3510 PAM Portable has been developed to meet the harsh operating conditions associated with offshore marine operations. It is housed in a water-proof, rugged enclosure with a clear LCD display and has a splash-proof key pad for on-deck operations.

The 3510 PAM Portable is a versatile tool for multi-transponder configuration and testing, control and command of release beacons, including the 1500 Series, and acoustic telemetry operations.

Model 1082 Smart Switch

smart switch

The Model 1082 Smart Switch is a pocket sized device for Mini, Midi and Fatboy configuration, fast charge activation and monitoring. It has just 4 buttons, a back-lit display and operates with an internal rechargeable battery.



Model 982 Smart Charger

Picture 001

The 982 Smart Charger is used to re-charge all AAE’s 600 Series LF beacons fitted with rechargeable batteries as well as legacy 900 Series beacons. The unit has an easy to operate 4- key menu with battery fault detection and responder test functions. It switches to trickle charge upon completion of main charge. It is complete with easily read illuminated LCD display, detachable mains lead and cables.


Model 1083 Multi Charger

1083 Multi Charger

The 1083 Multi Charger provides independent simultaneous charge, configuration and test for multiple beacons; 3 x Mini, Midi or Fatboy, or a single Seabed beacon.

Designed for operation in a vessel’s Operations Room, the 1083 Multi Charger provides increased flexibly for the user.

Easy to operate with a large LCD backlit display and 4 stylised buttons complete with 4 charge status indicators.