Fatboy Beacons, 1160 Series

Applied Acoustics Fatboy beacon

With their high source levels and options of narrow beam patterns, 1160 Series Fatboy beacons are ideal for deep water operations, noisy and acoustically challenging environments and applications requiring long operating ranges.

Fatboy transponders incorporate spread spectrum coding allowing extremely stable and reliable performance,  whilst maintaining a compatibility with almost all of the industry’s other standard USBL systems. Charging and programming are achieved using the 1082 Smart Switch, removing the necessity for mechanical switches on the beacon’s end cap.

Key Features

  • Spread spectrum technology
  • MiQ data telemetry functionality
  • Multi-Fire common interrogate capability
  • Directional or omni-directional
  • Onboard fast charger for typical 8 hour charge time
  • Option for confirmation of accurate beacon depth (D suffix)
  • Survival depth to 4000m as standard

Model Selection

Model numberBeam patternSPLSurvival depth

Typical applications

Excellent in very noisy environments such as deep water ROV tracking or sub-sea ploughing (cable burying)

1000 Series Fatboy Beacons

1000 Series models are available until stocks are exhausted. Please get in touch with the team for availability (March 2020)