Low Frequency Beacons, 1600 Series

Applied Acoustics Kow Frequency Beacon

The 1600 Series LF beacons offer all round flexibility for long range or deep water applications. The series is compatible with all major LF tracking systems operating worldwide. As all switch selections are external there is no need to open the product to change channels to match the tracking system chosen. Battery charging and external power switches are similarly external.


Key Features

  • Directional or omni-directional, depending on application
  • Externally configurable for use as Transponder/Responder/Pinger
  • Supplied with transducer protection cage to reduce accidental damage
  • Telemetry option for confirmation of accurate beacon depth (D suffix)
  • Release option
  • Survival depth to 6000m available.

Model Selection

Model numberBeam patternSPLSurvival depth

Typical applications

Ideal for very long range and deep water target tracking.

600 Series LF Beacons

600 Series models are available until stocks are exhausted. Please get in touch with the team for availability (March 2020)