Mini Beacons, 1100 Series

The 1100 Series Mini beacons incorporate the next generation of Sigma 2 acoustic protocols that provide precise range resolution and positional stability. The beacons have been designed to be used with the new Pyxis INS + USBL and Nexus 2 positioning systems, but also retain compatibility with all Easytrak systems and systems from other manufacturers.

When coupled with Pyxis or Nexus 2 the 1100 series provides Multi-Fire functionality, providing positional updates in <3 sec from an array of 10 beacons. The MiQ data telemetry function provides third party data plus position to the surface for a variety of applications.

With an industry standard 5-pin connector, the beacons are quick and easy to configure using the 1082 Smart Switch or 1083 Multi-Charger that also activate and monitor the charging of the battery.

Key Features

  • Spread spectrum technology
  • Directional or omni-directional beam pattern
  • Multi-Fire common interrogate facility
  • MiQ data telemetry function
  • Quick and easy configuration
  • On board fast charger
  • High power option model to operate longer ranges

Model Selection

Model numberBeam patternSPLSurvival depth


Compatible with Easytrak Pyxis INS + USBL, Nexus 1 and 2 spread spectrum systems, and other wide bandwidth USBL systems worldwide, including legacy support for existing tone burst channels.

Typical applications

General purpose tracking and positioning, including tracking sidescan sonar fish, ROV’s and divers.

1000 Series Mini Beacons

1000 Series models are available until stocks are exhausted. Please get in touch with the team for availability (March 2020)