Seabed Beacons, 105x

Applied Acoustics Seabed Beacon

The long life battery options available with the Seabed beacons make them ideal as long term reference points, USBL calibration beacons and Dynamic Positioning reference markers. Stable and reliable due to the implementation of Spread Spectrum coding, Seabed beacons are compatible with Nexus USBL systems all other Applied Acoustics’ tracking systems and most others from different manufacturers.



Key Features

  • Spread Spectrum Technology
  • Directional or omni-directional beam pattern
  • Externally configurable as Transponder, Responder or Pinger
  • Optional High Power model to operate longer ranges (H suffix)
  • Transducer is protected by a safety cage which also acts as a tension point if required.
  • Digital Spread Spectrum telemetry option for accurate beacon depth (D suffix)
  • Survival depth to 4000m as standard

Model Selection

Model numberBeam patternSPLSurvival depth

Typical applications

Seabed beacons are ideal as long term reference markers as they have a very long battery life. They are often used as a Dynamic Positioning Reference Marker.