V-Nav Acoustic Positioning System

The V-Nav is a system capable of accurately positioning large numbers of subsea targets marked with a new Applied Acoustics’ 1400 Series Vector Beacon. The system is easily mounted on vessels large and small and builds up a position for each target from multiple ranges.

The system is comprised of the 3510 PAM Portable, a pole mounted 3190 dunking transducer and any number of 1400 Series Vector Beacons. The dunker & GPS input are connected to the 3510 PAM . The V-Nav software controls the 3510, processing the time stamped data into a position solution.

The V-Nav System provides near real time positioning capability. An operator can observe the data for each beacon being added to the position solution, displayed as a graphical representation, so it can be seen when an appropriate quantity and quality of data have been collected.

Information collection in difficult environments is aided by the V-Nav software’s ability to take mapping, bathymetry and other types of graphical data, enabling the operator to inform the vessel crew of the optimum path for acquisition.


Key Features

  • Robust Spread Spectrum signalling
  • Large number of beacons positioned
  • Long battery life
  • Operational to 600m depth
  • Flexible, for use on large or small vessels
  • Wide variety of applications
  • 7200 unique identities


  • Ocean bottom seismic cable hydrophones/geophones
  • Seismic nodes
  • Metocean equipment/instrument strings
  • Debris field tags
  • Acoustic release