Acoustic Load Shackle

The Subsea Acoustic Load Shackle is designed for operations where load monitoring is required, either for short term operations lowering an item to the seabed, or for longer periods monitoring dynamic loads. It is completely wireless, using acoustic signals to transmit data from under the sea to a surface display module, where up to four shackles can be monitored sequentially. The Acoustic Load Shackle system consists of a Crosby lifting shackle with a bespoke load cell machined to replace the standard pin, an Applied Acoustics’ positioning beacon and a standard Applied Acoustics’ 3510 PAM Portable surface display.


The secure and reliable wireless digital acoustic technology reduces the risk of interference from a ‘noisy’ environment in which the load cell is required to operate subsea. Its unique ID code ensures there is minimal risk of interference from other positioning or release work in the vicinity.

Key Features

  • 25-300 tonne subsea shackle load cells
  • Sigma digital bi-directional spread spectrum signalling
  • Up to 4000m water depth
  • Monitor 4 load points with 3510 PAM
  • Operational option with Easytrak Nexus (up to 10 shackles)


  • Monitoring load distributions on spreader bars
  • Cable strain monitoring
  • Mooring systems
  • Ballasting operations