Energy Sources, CSP Units

To accommodate industry demands for power output, Applied Acoustics manufactures a range of CSP units that provide the energy to the sound source, a Boomer or Sparker, deployed at sea. Each compact design CSP energy source converts mains voltage to high voltage to energise the sound source and conforms to EU specifications for electro-magnetic compatibility.

CSP-NP (Reverse polarity)

Output, per shot, 300J

The CSP-NP is a compact, lightweight seismic power supply that utilises cutting edge technology to produce a small unit with an exceptional power output. Recently upgraded, the CSP-NP incorporates reverse voltage technology that allows compatibility with the Dura-Spark L80 and L200 compact high resolution sound sources, as well as the single plate AA251 and AA301 boomers.

The CSP-NP operates in excess of 300J at 3pps, the offshore industry standard specification, and as such is regarded as the power supply of choice throughout the world.

The CSP-NP  incorporates the unique innovative feature,  the Dual Voltage Output, giving the unit exceptional versatility. By adjusting the voltage output, switchable on the front panel, greater penetration can be achieved from the sound source.

CSP-Nv (Reverse polarity)

Output, per shot, 1200J or 2400J

The CSP-Nv incorporates microprocessor control and configuration for greater flexibility band reliability whilst retaining a fail safe logic design. It has an intuitive user interface with LCD display and LED indicators to provide enhanced operator feedback.

Programmable voltage technology allows operator tuning to suit application with all settings externally selectable.

The CSP-Nv is the driving force behind the Dura-Spark range but is also suitable for use with the S-Boom system and single plate boomer systems.



CSP-SNv1250 (Reverse polarity)

Output, per shot 1250J

The CSP-SNv provides a solution to the industry requirement of acquiring UHR seismic data in challenging environments with a ≤1m shot point interval. The 4000 Joule per second peak charge rate delivered from a single phase AC voltage supply allows repetition rates less than 0.4s at 1000 Joule output.

The CSP-SNv has been engineered for use with the dual deck Dura –Spark UHD 400+400 catamaran, providing flip- flop and fire delay modes of operation.



Output, per shot 12,000J

The CSP-S is a compact ‘all in one’ power source for marine sparker applications, specifically the Applied Acoustics’ Delta Sparker, used when very high penetration sub-bottom profiles are required.

The high charge rate allows for fast, high energy sound pulses from the Delta Sparker and is ideal for deep water geohazard surveys.